January 15, 2016

Tips To Make Your Dog Like Bathing

Here I present a few steps to help you instill your dog with positive associations to bathing. Each step must be carried out in different days and numerous repetitions. Repetition, patience and calm are the keys.

1. Your dog should know the bathroom of your house. Take him to the bathroom, let him come in and out and encourage him to play in the bath, have fun and receive rewards such as treats and games.

2. Invite him to play in the bathtub. Bring toys and treats.

3. Open slightly the bathtub faucet when your dog is not inside. Let the water run and observe your dog. Put your hands in water and play with it and the dog will love to get damped in water.

Do steps 2 and 3 together, but without water and getting your dog wet. Give a treat to your dog before opening the faucet, play it while it is open and then close it and say encouraging words.

5. One day after putting the dog in the tub, open the faucet, wet a towel and pass on dog's body in a very gentle way. Always remember to give delight and let him play. After removal of the tub, be sure to dry it.

6. On another day, repeat step 5, but instead of using towel, use your hand. With one hand, pet your dog and with the other you can go dipping slightly. When you finish, dry it.

7. Dilute a little dog shampoo and place it next to the tub. The next time your dog is in the tub, open the faucet, wet it a little and add some shampoo, rinse it and dry it with a towel. This is a kind of mini bathroom, so just focus on one part of the body such as hind legs.

8. Repeat step 7 as many times as necessary and prolong the process until the dog likes the bathroom. If necessary, use a hair dryer, especially if you have a long haired dog. Do not forget to always use toys and treats.

9. If your dog likes to swim, you as the owner must make the bathroom associated with positive things. You could place toys for him in the bathtub to be entertained, delighted, pieces of food such as chicken, even a stuffed Kong toy. Use caresses and words to encourage him.

The dog should get a big prize after bathing. Take the dog for a walk, play game of tug of war or perhaps the bathroom means that it is dinner time. If your dog knows a good reward is coming, he will want to bathe and you can also set the routine i.e. how often should you bathe your dog.

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